Our historic church buildings, in Melton Mowbray and the surrounding villages of Burton Lazars, Thorpe Arnold, Sysonby, and Welby, are all in beautiful settings for your special day for the exchanging of vows to celebrate your commitment for your lives together as husband and wife.

If you live anywhere in the Melton Team Parish, or have a relevant qualifying connection through family or past contacts, we would be delighted to prepare with you to make your Marriage Service a truly joyful occasion for you, your families and friends.

Please be aware that, in some ways, booking a church for your wedding is different from the rest of what is organised for a wedding day.  By coming to church for your wedding, you are participating in the life of your local Church.  


So, firstly, remember that your wedding service will be an act of worship, and that things will need to be done generally in the Church’s usual way.  Although we shall do our best to ensure that your service has the elements in it that you would particularly like, there are legal matters that cannot be changed, and other aspects to the service that are essential to the character of Christian worship.  Booking the church is not just a commercial transaction like most other things you will arrange for your day. There is of course a  fee which helps the Church to cover its own costs, and a good deal of voluntary input by church members too.

To help you decide one of our Church’s for your wedding in our Team Parish (more details about each church can be found on the website pages), please also take a look at the where there is a lot of useful information about how to organise a church wedding.

We would also be pleased to discuss the possibility of a Service of Blessing (as an alternative to the church Marriage Service) or the Renewal of Wedding Vows.

We wish you every happiness in your life together and look forward to hearing from you.  Please contact our Parish Office on 01664 503530 or email for further information.


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